Available in

Small (S) or Large (L) sizes.

Balsamic Chicken Salad.....$9.25(S)/$11.25(L)

Romaine, tomato, cucumber,

kalamata olives, red onion,

feta, and parm topped

with penne and chicken in olive  oil 

and reduced balsamic

Garden Salad.....$6.25(S)/$8.25(L)

Romaine, tomato, cucumber,

black olive, red onion,

green pepper, broccoli, carrot.

 Choice of Dressing (GF) (V)

Grilled Chicken Salad.....$8.25(S)/$10.25(L)

Garden Salad topped with

grilled chicken.

Choice of dressing. (GF)

Caesar Salad......$7.50(S)/$8.95(L)

Romaine, Croutons and parm

tossed with House Caesar

dressing. (GF) (V)

Chicken Caesar Salad....$8.25(S)/$10.25(L)

Caesar salad, topped 

with grilled chicken. (GF)

Greek Salad......$7.25(S)/$8.95(L)

Romaine, tomato, red onion,

green pepper, cucumber,

kalamata olive and feta.

Served with House Italian. 

Antipasto Salad.....$8.95(S)/$10.50(L)

Romaine, tomato,

green pepper, kalamata

olives, cucumber, red onion

topped with ham, Salami and provolone.

Served with House Italian Dressing,

Chef Salad.....$8.75(S)/$10.50(L)

Romaine, tomato,

green pepper, black olives,

cucumber and red onion

topped with ham, turkey and

provolone.  Choice of Dressing. (GF)

Side Salad........$3.99

Choice of Garden, Greek or Caesar


House Italian, House Ranch,

House Caesar, Blue Cheese,

Fat Free Raspberry Vinaigrette,

Thousand Island, Honey Mustard


 Small - $8.25  |  Large -  $9.99

Turkey Hero

Lettuce, tomato,

provolone and mayo


Ham Hero

Lettuce, tomato,

provolone and mayo.


Italian Hero

Salami, ham, lettuce, tomato,

green pepper, onion, provolone

and House Italian Dressing


Chicken Cutlet Hero

breaded chicken, lettuce, tomato,

provolone and mayo


BLT Hero

Bacon, lettuce, tomato, provolone

and mayo


Veggie Hero

Lettuce, tomato, broccoli, carrot,

 green pepper, black olive, onion,

cucumber, provolone and mayo (V)

Add the Works (onion, pickles and peppers)